Hey, I’m Ryan!
 I have grown up playing in the forest my whole life so it only makes sense to continue playing in the woods as an adult. Except now I have the opportunity to play in other forests. I truly believe this is the main reason why I really wanted to get into overlanding. It all started years ago with my first Jeep Cherokee. The Jeep was a red 1999 cherokee sport with the typical million miles on the old 4.0L. This opened up my eyes to how reliable and capable off road they were. I soon realized I could go places where most vehicles could not go. This eventually inspired me many years later to build an overland dedicated vehicle. I decided to go with another Jeep Cherokee because I learned them inside and out from working on my old ones over the years. I also knew there was plenty of aftermarket support for them, which made my final decision. I finally got myself back in a 2000 Cherokee. I threw some mud countries underneath it, lifted it, purchased a Smittybilt Roof-top tent and had myself an overkill roof rack built. Then the adventure began.
   L_l- l-_l__l---[ ]llllll[ ]

Tim D.

OK so here it goes.....my name is Tim, I'm almost 40 years old and have a beautiful little girl. I've always love the outdoors and camping as long as I can remember. When I'm not working outdoors to support my overlending habit, I'm outdoors enjoying it. I grew up camping and as a parent kept the tradition going. I found overlanding to be a great mix to fulfill all the things I love like traveling, camping, seeing the great outdoors, meeting people, trying new foods, and spending time with family and friends. I currently have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee as my Overland rig. If you're like me come join NE-OVEX on a expedition. Hope to see you out there. Happy trails & tread lightly!!

Ed F.

I always had a desire  to explore the outdoors along side good people and friends, I believe that through NE-OVEX I can achive that desire futher than I had ever imagined.  By exploring and going places that we never been to before all accross New England , the country and Canada. Make new friends and meet new people from all sorts of life and always remembering that it isnt about what you drive or how built your rig is but instead is about where you chose to drive to and the people you do it with.....

See you on the next adventure!